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Minimise uses an internationally recognized and standardized protocol (IPMVP) to define and identify baseline usage patterns from which the savings are calculated.


Minimise identifies technology, and processes to maximize the efficiency and the savings. All the while without any disruption to your normal operation of business.


Once the strategy is identified, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish. The best technology at ZERO cost and no disruption to your company.


Minimise monitors & analyzes key consumption Indicators via Smart Meters, which are part of a long term strategy for monitoring, improving and sustaining benefits.

Who Are We?

Minimise USA is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that promotes a range of technologies to reduce energy consumption. These products are combined to provide an integrated, multi-technology solution at no cost to client who keeps a portion of the savings as well as benefiting from power company rebates and tax credits for energy efficiency.

Our Services

Energy Usage Assessment

Energy Usage Assessment

A thorough assessment of usage patterns and behaviors inclusive of complete analyses of 24 months’ electric bills. Minimise, using Millennial Net hardware and Dexma Tech software identifies precise usage patterns and pinpoints consumption percentages (i.e. HVAC, Lighting... etc) creating understanding of usage patterns and setting precise benchmarks.

On-Site Energy Surveys

On-Site Energy Surveys

Professional teams led by Minimise’ CTO, COO and contract master electricians survey client sites to physically identify areas of conservation through conversion and/or upgrades of the Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM).

Analysis and Strategy

Analysis and Strategy

A complete ROI analysis is conducted in order to determine most cost effective Energy Efficiency Measures deployment to yield not only the best financial returns but energy conservation return as well

Implementation of EEMs

Implementation of EEMs

Once the Assessment, On-Site Surveys, Analyses and Strategy are completed, hassle free, non-disruptive implementation EEMs is deployed. It simply will seem as out with the old, in with the new and the savings!

Implement Free Conversion

Implement Free Conversion

Utilizing the client’s good reputation and credit history, Minimise uses funds availed by its Equity Fund partners to deploy the EEMs NEVER at a cost to its client. Minimise then uses Measured and Verified savings to pay for the conversion. Minimise offers a truly ZERO based solution which never impacts its clients’ books or credit portfolio

Minimise SSP (Shared Saving Plan)

Minimise SSP
(Shared Saving Plan)

Once Minimise cost recovery is complete; Minimise, in most cases, will share the windfall of savings with the client. Minimise will not only deploy a FREE solution but will increase the client’s bottom line with its SSP (Shared Saving Plan). Along with the bottom line improving with the SSP, but it will also improve from the lowered; and in the case of lighting, possibly eliminated maintenance expense.

At zero cost to the client and positively no disruption to your business, Minimise USA will spare no expense to employ its portfolio of state of the art energy efficiency technologies to achieve a maximum of savings.

Minimise USA gets paid for a period (typically 5 years) out of a percentage of the savings generated by the application of the technologies.

At no cost, Minimise USA would conduct a comprehensive energy survey and perform a complete energy conversion installing and utilizing a variety of Energy Efficiency Measures.

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