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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you?

A: Minimise USA LLC. A Florida based corporation established in 2011.Born from years of experience in alternative energy, sustainability, construction and finance.

Q: What do you do?

A: We provide total Energy Efficiency Conversions at zero cost to the end user.

Q: What is your proposal?

A: We survey your facilities for energy inefficiencies, then spare no expense and expertise in seamlessly apply solutions (EEM's) which will instantly generate quantifiable savings in your energy consumption. We do all of this at zero cost. The client shares a percentage of the savings with Minimise for a period of 5 years while Minimise donates 5% of the savings to a charity of the client’s choice.

Q: What obligations does the client have if the savings don’t materialize?

A: What Minimise USA proposes is a ZERO cost Shared Savings Program where the savings of the program cover all of the expenses associated with the retrofit energy conversion. This is our total solution. In the unlikely event the savings are less than the financing obligation embedded in our SSP solution, Minimise guarantees that it will cover the deficiency.

Q: Who will finance the SSP?

A: The savings generated by the efficiency conversion pays for the financing which is provided through a variety of finance providers with different sweet spots. Depending on the scope of the project, financing can take the form of a lease agreement (procured with the client’s good credit) on the smaller end of the scale, to off balance sheet solutions of several varieties for the intermediate and larger scale projects.

Q: If I’m having to share my savings from the Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM's) with Minimise, why don’t I do it myself?

A: Several reasons:

  1. Minimise’s entire vision is informed by the tremendous gap between completed energy efficiency projects and the size of the INEFFICIENT building infrastructure. While we understand that the economics supporting these energy retrofits are compelling, the most common reason implementations consistently stall is the lack of budget.
  2. Minimise will spare no expense and expertise to deploy all ECM's at its disposal to maximize savings.
  3. In order to replicate what Minimise does, your company would need to pay the "not-so-minor" expense to properly measure and verify savings (a difficult task that is confusing to those unfamiliar with what constitutes proper measurement and verification). If this is done in house, your company would need to hire a full time Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) accredited with the EVO to accurately measure energy usage and savings. Moreover, your company would need a dedicated staff to not only monitor energy usage in real time, but be able to analyze inefficiencies and educate staff to eradicate inefficient energy usage behaviors.

    Q: What kind of interruption to our daily operations formula should we prepare for?

    A: We have designed our applied solution to be relatively seamless. There is definitely no downtime and we are equipped to work around your business and peak hours in order to avoid disruption to your daily business patterns.

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