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Energy Efficiency Benefits Charity

Giving Back

From the very beginning, it has been the vision of the partners to tap into the economics of inefficient infrastructure and profit from offering clients a Shared Savings Program (SSP) at ZERO cost. Going along with this was a desire to see how correcting these inefficiencies can also produce economics that would set an example that we hope others will follow.

Charitable Donation

What Minimise pledges to do is contribute part of the savings of the SSP to charity. What we wish to show through our actions is that we wish to associate and do business with clients who also have a mind for charity. If they don't yet, we hope they will instantly appreciate how unlocking the economics of efficiency conversions can produce largess that will benefit charitable organizations doing good deeds that simply did not exist before doing the Shared Savings Program.

The economics of the Shared Savings Program are solid. But at Minimise, we hope that this aspect of the SSP will make more clients more excited about partnering with Minimise to pursue energy efficiency within their organizations.

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