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It couldn't be simpler ... we measure and analyze current consumption, determine baseline usage behaviors, deploy EEMs (Energy Efficiency Measures) ... ALL for no cost! Your savings pay for the conversion through our Shared Savings Program

Minimise USA offers an end to end solution to deliver our clients:

Minimise USA starts by developing a clear understanding of our client’s needs and the specifications for improvements to design an energy efficiency program. We identify and engage all stakeholders in the process; preparing detailed reviews of our client’s existing facility information. Our project design and solution development includes analyzing financial, energy, environmental, and other necessary data. We then finalize project design, implementation and pricing parameters.

Shared Savings Program

​​​At ZERO cost to the client and positively no disruption to your business, Minimise USA will spare no expense to deploy its portfolio of state of the art energy efficiency technologies to achieve a maximum of savings.

​Minimise USA gets paid for a period (typically 5 years) out of a percentage of the savings generated by the application of the technologies.

Savings are determined by defining baseline energy usage pursuant to the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) that accounts for the variables not associated with the energy solutions we apply.

At no cost, Minimise USA would conduct a comprehensive energy survey and perform a complete energy conversion installing and utilizing a variety of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM's) that include:

Power Factor Optimization (PFO)

Non-invasive technology that optimizes the power factor, to unity, on all inductive motors, that when measured correctly, by Minimise’ certified engineers, can produce significant savings, with no loss of performance while reducing energy costs and the wear and tear on those inductive motors.

Minimise Energy Manager, Powered by Dexcell

At Minimise USA, we believe the self-evident truth that, “you cannot manage what you do not measure”. From a remote dashboard through Minimise Energy Manager by Dexcell, your organization will be able to monitor, measure, quantify, and analyze all energy usage in your organization that is measurable. Minimise USA has ample evidence to document that correctly and thoroughly monitoring energy usage results in significant savings, particularly as it relates to being a powerful tool toward instilling an energy-savings culture across organizations. This is why we include Real Time Online monitoring in our SSP!

Solid State Lighting (SSL)

We install the highest quality, most energy efficient, cooler burning, longer lasting and latest generation of lighting and, with every possible opportunity, we use made in the USA product!

According to the US Department of Energy, ​"over the 20-year analysis period, spanning 2010–2030, the cumulative energy savings is estimated to total approximately 2,700 terawatt-hours, representing approximately $250 billion at today’s energy prices. Assuming the electric power plant generating mix is held constant over the next two decades, these savings would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,800 million metric tons of carbon."

Service and Maintenance

Our service and maintenance agreement will eliminate your maintenance expense during the initial 5 years. You will have the option of extending the service agreement, which is designed to stay current with evolving energy efficiency technologies.

A Real Win WIN

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