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The larger your energy bill, the more you will save. Minimise USA’s innovative bespoke Energy Management technologies are customized to reduce your Energy consumption with No Capital Outlay – EVER. 

Technology and processes, not available a few years ago, make Minimise’s one of a kind solution possible. Make no mistake, making previously invisible energy usage both visible and verifiable is revolutionary.

Utilizing Efficiency Valuation Organization’s International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and Minimise’s Energy Analysis tools, energy consumption is benchmarked then modeled against identified potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to determine saving opportunities.


Global Innovation - Local Solutions. 

Emulating the personality of its founder, Minimise’s reach was global from the get-go. 5 years after its conception, Minimise has become a conglomeration of cutting-edge technologies through its global partners; companies like IoT.nxt, British Energy Saving Technology (BEST); among others.

Locally, Minimise partners with local contractors, creating jobs, infusing capital into the local economy, and enhancing growth in the community. Additionally Minimise champions Corporate Social Responsibilities through localized initiatives targeted at addressing needs in the local area.

Prepaid Savings –

Merging benchmarking with real-time energy data, Measurement and Verification (M&V), Minimise pinpoints future savings and pre-pays a portion of the savings before the actual savings are generated. Minimise literally puts its money where its technology is!




Monitoring & Verification







Currently, our project with HCPS, based in Tampa Florida, is the largest Energy Efficiency As A Service (EEAAS) project in the world. Take a few minutes and watch this case study video to see how we are living up to our vision.

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