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The rise of Minimise USA in 2011 marked the beginning of the disruption in the energy industry.

By bringing a new financial model - the No Capital Outlay Plan - to energy efficiency, the game was changed forever.

Minimise, as an Energy Management and Conservation Services Company, combines assessment, monitoring, planning, implementation tools and integration of bespoke technologies, to achieve maximum possible savings.

The No Capital Outlay Plan energy solutions are inspired by Minimise’s global innovation meeting its local solutions.

Who We Are


With innovative energy-efficiency, cost-saving technologies and processes on the rise, Minimise is committed to setting standards for today and for future generations to come.

Our approach brings the future to the present – from machine learning to automated controls, smart scheduler and agnostic on the edge technologies to state of the art Solid State Lighting, HVAC solutions and Solar Power Generation, Minimise is pioneering proper public private partnerships giving its clients opportunity to reduce net energy consumption with never any Capital Outlay.
Our unique partnership with UK-based BEST (British Energy Saving Technology), and their Energy Monitoring System, the Eniscope, enabled us to accurately examine and measure energy consumption data across multiple large-scale facilities. By making the invisible visible, we are able to manage what is measured allowing us to project savings and in turn prepay them; the ONLY company on the planet that does that! Combining this partnership to those with our other technology partners, Minimise delivers a one of a kind customized solution the likes of which cannot be replicated.

Currently, our project with HCPS, based in Tampa Florida, is the largest Energy Efficiency As A Service (EEAAS) project in the world. Take a few minutes and watch this case study video to see how we are living up to our vision.


Global Innovation - Local Solutions. 

Emulating the personality of its founder, Minimise’s reach was global from the get-go. 5 years after its conception, Minimise has become a conglomeration of cutting-edge technologies through its global partners; companies like IoT.nxt, British Energy Saving Technology (BEST); among others.

Locally, Minimise partners with local contractors, creating jobs, infusing capital into the local economy, and enhancing growth in the community. Additionally Minimise champions Corporate Social Responsibilities through localized initiatives targeted at addressing needs in the local area.

Prepaid Savings –

Merging benchmarking with real-time energy data, Measurement and Verification (M&V), Minimise pinpoints future savings and pre-pays a portion of the savings before the actual savings are generated. Minimise literally puts its money where its technology is!

Meet the CEO

Daniel Badran

"Daniel is a visionary leader and the ultimate salesman. His positive attitude and deep belief in the love of God, allowed him to use his life circumstances, which caused him to lose his ability to speak for three years, to create a game changing energy-saving financial model. His quest is to leave the world a better place than he was born into, one that is more sustainable, a legacy that he wants his grandson to be proud of. Daniel has an amazing ability to make complex ideas into simple and understandable ones. He uses this ability to create bridges as buy-ins for clients, suppliers, contractors and staff. He has created a powerful, capable and a world class team to change the energy management sector globally, forever.”

- Francis Barram, CEO, Ensight

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