On A Mission

Daniel Badran, CEO Minimise USA

Sep 04, 2019

Recently, we had a couple of professional development days at Minimise USA. The walls were filled with pages from our new brand book, the screen showed plenty of videos and the team was engaged in everything from breaking down Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to helping identify boundary-pushing behaviors to role-playing workplace scenarios. What caught me a little by surprise was how eager the team members were to participate, trusting the process.

But I shouldn’t have been because what we offer is exclusive and game changing. The Minimise team is afforded the opportunity to do the right thing every day in a completely transparent business model. 

When you create “Free Cash” generated from saving wasted energy by decreasing that waste through bespoke innovation at no cost, and then top it off by prepaying the client their portion of the newfound savings, it is a blessing to everyone, Minimise and the client!

We call this blessing NCOPA - No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement.

That fact attracts a certain type of professional. It attracts employees and partners that know they can be part of something bigger than themselves. Whether that person audits energy in the field, works in the accounting department, or innovates new engineering solutions – each person plays a significant role helping us reduce carbon footprints and increasing savings to our clients. 

That feeling is contagious - In these professional development sessions, I frequently overheard Minimise team members saying how good it was to have a purpose. It almost feels like a crusade. Save energy. Save money. Serve the communities where you do business.

And if a crusade it is, then I guarantee you, the team at Minimise USA thinks it’s worth the energy.

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We. Are. Minimise.