The Efficiency and Immediacy of NCOPA Piggybacking

Daniel Badran | CEO | Oct 06, 2019

The term “piggybacking” is of 16th century Europe. While the originator is not clear, the meaning is to put something on one’s back to make it easier to carry out or accomplish one’s task. While it sounds funny as a term or phrase, it could be worth quite a bit when it comes to efficiency. 




For any school district, municipality or government agency in the State of Florida, the superpower of efficiency, the Minimise No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement (NCOPA) is available. The NCOPA features a piggybacking clause: the ability to jump on the agreement's “back” and to immediately begin saving money, enhancing learning/working environments while reducing consumption, and in turn, carbon footprints.

Creating this landmark agreement was a three-year process that took substantial investments both in time and money. Everything about the NCOPA was based on the needs of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Those needs were actually no different than those of all public entities in FL:

  • the need to reduce spending,
  • to find money for new programs,
  • to upgrade infrastructure, and
  • to build a more efficient energy platform for the future.


‚ÄčAt Minimise, we didn’t sell HCPS; we answered the call through the conventional RFP and appeals process. Since being named HCPS Energy Management and Conservation Services Company, the results have been incredible.


The agreement went from five to 25 years.

The prepaid savings in year one of $1.7 million to the district, has been unprecedented.

The upgrade to the environment is noticeable in each classroom that we have touched.

The energy savings of LED Lighting Solution Set 1 has saved 21,900 tons of CO2.

So how can you get started?

One call starts it all.


  • Analyze your energy bills for the most recent 24 months,
  • Deploy cutting edge IoT technology to measure real-time current consumption,
  • Establish a baseline,
  • Build the Energy Conservation Measures model, and
  • Determine the amount of verified Prepaid Savings.

The way to make this work and put our money, yes our money through Prepaid Savings and CAPEX, where our absolute confidence is, is to identify waste and convert it to revenue used to upgrade energy assets at ZERO cost. We start by, realistically, looking to identify 17% in overall energy waste. If/when found, it’s game on! But if not, no harm no foul; nothing lost by you and we move on. With Minimise, you always win!


Minimise's NCOPA was recently dubbed in a national article, by Jim Bloom on Smerconish.com, as an innovative way to address global climate concerns. Florida literally has a chance to lead the world in efficiency and can do so with No Capital Outlay and with Prepaid Savings.


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Hurricane Dorian was the fifth category 5 hurricane since 2016. Again, the issue of climate change is pushed to the forefront. We all know

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I close by saying nothing other than, to urge you to listen to the leaders of Hillsborough County Public Schools tell the story of the impact of Minimise and its world changing NCOPA.

Thank you for your time and may God bless you.