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When you become the first of it’s kind to create a financial model that gives in order to get, and has all partners win, it becomes newsworthy.

When that story comes from all over the globe to give people real insight in how to combat climate change it becomes worthy of it’s own series.

You have been personally selected to get a sneak peak into the first two episodes of Disruption, Inc, which tells the story of how Hillsborough County Public Schools disrupted the energy industry with the Minimise USA's NCOPA project.

The series will be distributed worldwide this fall. Enjoy and subscribe to our channel for future content and updates.

One School district decided to change the game.
One all- star team was ready to play.

When the startling impact of climate change is all over the news and the minds of the global population, sometimes we get the feeling that solutions are few and the situation is hopeless. Disruption, Inc. is destined to prove that if we don’t do “business as usual” we can find a way.

This groundbreaking docu-series led by a visionary that lost his voice to cancer, and a team of all stars and leading technologies from around the world, shows an amazing project in Tampa, Florida that could be the answer that humanity needs.

Directed and Executive Produced by Tim Breitbach, the award winning writer (Dopamine), director (Inside Pediatrics and The Frontline for Hope) and executive producer (Welcome to Sweetie Pies, Fast N, Loud, Resale Royalty), Disruption Inc. shows how business can be taken very personal.

Watch Episodes

Episode 1: Let There Be LightPlay Button

Episode 1: Let There Be Light

In the summer of 2018, Minimise USA is in the middle of replacing lighting in 90+ schools in three weeks over summer break in Tampa, Florida. Part of the largest energy efficiency project as a service in the world, this project will shake an industry and redefine how we try and save the planet. We meet the players, get to know the project and get a taste of the disruption and audacity of this initiative.

Episode 2: David And GoliathPlay Button

Episode 2: David And Goliath

The summer lighting project is incorporated and the team is gearing up for subsequent phases. It’s moving from executing a project to fulfilling the scope of a very aggressive contract. A contract that faced obstacle after obstacle including energy behemoths like General Electric, Johnson Controls, Trane and much more. How did it happen? And can this group of true believers from around the globe deliver on their promise?

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