It is with much gratitude that we would like to announce that Minimise and HCPS has won four awards at the Best Partner Conference in London in November 2019. All awards take into account the next level of partnership from Minimise, BEST (British Energy Saving Technology) and the district. 
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Congrats to all.

Here is a video of Chris Farkas, Deputy Superintendent’s, acceptance speech for Energy Efficiency Evangelist.





After almost 25 years in public education, Trina Rodriguez came to our Minimise team to serve as the Director of Education and Community Outreach through our Change Management Division.  As a former Educator and Administrator at the Secondary level, she has been instrumental in helping to establish educational programs and outreach intiatives that directly support the school districts, students, families and the communities where they live. Beyond leading such work with the schools, she is committed to expanding our reach in fostering life solutions that go beyond the technologies in the communities that we serve, thus, promoting individual sustainability. As evidenced at the October 2019 Hillsborough County Public School (HCPS) Board Meeting, where Ms. Rodriguez sought approval from the Board in declaring the month of October “Energy Awareness Month” (via a student read Proclamation) and through other initiatives spearheaded in collaboration with our Change Management and Marketing Divisions, Minimise USA has been named by HCPS as a “Partner In Education”.

“In transitioning from a career in the public service sector to the energy efficiency/management space, having the ability to leverage my background and experience in continuing to make a difference in the lives of others, fulfills my life’s true passion. Through all that we do at Minimise USA and in alignment with our company core values, we are all doing our part in promoting a global paradigm shift that will make for a more sustainable future and a better tomorrow for our children. Being a difference maker and leading with one’s heart are two qualities that I have always valued and at Minimise USA, it is simply our way of work; and, we have really just scratched the surface for the potential of our programs.”

Ms. Rodriguez is completing her dissertation on the topic of “Energy Awarenss and Conservation” and will graduate with her Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership in the Spring of 2020.

Our partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools

starts with no cost energy upgrades and pre-paid savings, but there is so much more. The education and awareness needed to make behavioral change requires the right tools and consistency. Here is a look at our programs going into our second year of energy savings and partnership.

At the October 15, 2019 Hillsborough County Public Schools’ Board Meeting and in the spirit of Energy Awareness Month and his continued commitment to providing future generations with the opportunity of a post-secondary education, Minimise USA CEO, Daniel Badran, pledged a very generous $50,000 to the Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF) for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Fund. In doing so, the HEF will match the funds to equal $100,000 in student scholarships. The mission of the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program is to passionately promote personal growth, self-responsibility, and academic success for deserving low-income children by providing a unique set of resources that include mentors, long-term support, student advocacy, and a guaranteed educational opportunity. 
Minimise USA continues to inspire bright futures!


Seeing real time energy savings and the associated value is incredibly rewarding and, most importantly, empowering. Suddenly, students, teachers and staff see that they are making an impact and are a part of the solution. Now we are all motivated to save more energy and earn more pre-paid savings.

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Simple, understandable and fun facts targeted at each student to enhance energy saving behaviors in day-to-day activities. Videos will play on dashboards and on schools’ morning shows.


Everything we are doing in the schools is a real world practical experience in science, technology, engineering and math. We have become an official education partner with the STEM curriculum that we have created. Lesson Plans for K-5. That is something we couldn’t be more proud of. 

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The deeper you connect with the clients, the students and their families, the more you uncover needs. One program that we started is “Minimise Hunger” to help make sure that families are aware of the resources available to them during the summer.


One of our pilot schools in the district is Edison Elementary. It is an urban Title 1 school and features a wide variety of kids, many who qualify for free or reduced lunch. We think a level playing field is critical for every child. Minimise donated 250 tablets to support students and teachers with interactive and individualized e-learning tools. 

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In challenging High School TV Production students to showcase their talents, we launched a Public Service Announcement Competition for the best student-created Energy Awareness PSA for HCPS. In turn, those competing are promoting Energy Awareness Month at their school site and are helping to spread the word that “Energy Matters”.
Once announced, the WINNING videos and finalist will be posted here!